Aquariums, fishponds and zoos

Whether it’s a made-to-measure, giant or prestigious aquarium, or an industrial fishpond or aquatic enclosure in any size, this is SILES’ core business, the one through which the company has gradually established its proven expertise in all related trades necessary to implement this type of amenity.
Thanks to this expertise, acquired over the years through the experience and versatility of the staff, as well as through the high level of specialisation offered by its partners and associated companies, SILES can now offer its private, professional or institutional clients efficient solutions which are ideally suited to the objectives and demands of the project.

Whether it’s for

  • decorative aquariums for the home (up to 10 m3),
  • prestige aquariums with complex shapes,
  • luxury aquariums,
  • giant aquariums with concrete structures (up to several hundreds of m3 ),
  • professional breeding aquariums (display and/or storage) or
  • quarantine or research aquariums,

working closely with architects, decorators and all others involved in the project, SILES offers high-performance solutions through its standard or made-to-measure products.

The quality of the materials used and the care taken at every stage of the manufacturing process make these projects particularly long-lasting, as confirmed by the many units commissioned over the last 25 years.