Artificial decor, landscaping, scenography

Our sculptors are able to manufacture all your decorations, underwater or emergent, indoor or outdoor. Whether in carved sprayed cement, shotcrete or polyester, SILES produces artificial rocks, cascades, imitation trees and more generally all types of original sculptures to create the specific atmosphere or scene that you want (tropical forests, cages in zoos, waterfalls with vegetation, ancient or modern boats, etc, etc).  

The materials used ensure long life for your decorations, even when they are submerged in a corrosive environment (salt water or chlorinated fresh water).

For large-scale submerged or semi-submerged decorations, naturally SILES deals with the interface of watertightness of the slabs or walls on which the decoration is supported.

Whether the project involves the decoration of an aquarium, the theme for a location, creating a scene set around and/or in a swimming-pool, SILES brings you the right solution for all your project’s requirements.