Production / turnkey

In some cases, the client or contracting authority prefers to have only one contact person to carry out all the services and works involved in completing the project.

This situation is often met in the installation of an aquarium, for example – although it also arises in other areas such as swimming pools, ponds and fountains, etc – where work of very different natures must be brought together.
A project of this type involves structural work (concrete and/or metalwork), but also waterproofing, the fitting of transparent PMMA or mineral glass panels, the installation of a life support system plant, suitable scenographic lighting, submerged decor (artificial rocks, real or artificial coral reefs, plants), possible quarantine facilities, etc.
What is more, the different types of work and equipment must meet requirements which are often specific, such as compatibility with animal life, and so must allow for contact with food, or meet quantitative requirements, as in the case of industrial fishponds.
In this context, the task entrusted by the client to the business is a ‘turnkey’ project covering the provision of both design and the entire works, as well as the supply and installation of all the equipment necessary for the project’s operation, including the population of ponds and aquariums.
SILES has accomplished such turnkey assignments several times, first for many private customers who consider it normal to have a single contact but also for institutions such as the European Space Agency (Bourget airshow), Alenia Spazio (Turin-Italy), la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de la Villette in Paris (Aquarium et Ruisseau in la Cité des Enfants), etc.