SILES is a specialist designer and manufacturer of aquariums, ponds, swimming pools and all elements related to these projects.

For over thirty years, first in the name of its subsidiary SOCRATE and then in its own name, the company has carried out various projects worldwide, based on its areas of expertise.

Through assisting its clients from the project management to the manufacture and design/construction stages, SILES has developed its expertise as much in the aquariums sector (particularly in that of giant aquariums, both prestigious and exceptional), as in the case of large-scale aquariums for different purposes (entertainment, decoration, teaching, industrial fishponds, research, etc. … ) or more complex groups of aquariums for zoos, museums or leisure installations for private clients or professionals as well as for public clients or institutions.

SILES can be involved from the very start of the project, working in close consultation with architects and designers as adviser to the client in proposing solutions which are original, but always realistic and appropriate for the project, its challenges, its ambitions and its constraints.

SILES is also a network of partners with more than thirty years of experience and of working together, going beyond the full execution of a project, a management aid for aquariums whether for business or for leisure, at biological, technical or economic levels.

From simply advising to taking overall charge, including implementation; plus the recruitment, training and supervision of qualified staff, all solutions are possible.

Finally, SILES also operates in the world of museums, or on projects to raise awareness of science, and, together with its various partners, in the field of producing complete underwater scenes.
But at heart, SILES is essentially a team: a wide range of complementary skills, but above all the enthusiasm and experience which come together to give the company its dynamism.

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