Client assistance

Client assistance assignments vary enormously in terms of method and location, starting with the first steps of the project, and continuing to acceptance. These assignments can also take place during the actual operation.

We identify:

  • upstream design assignments, including feasibility studies, market studies, the production of orientation files, technical requirement specifications, architectural and scenographic programming studies, the establishing of an investment plan, etc.
  • ancillary assignments, which cover all the operations designed to relieve the client, such as selecting the architectural style, checking compliance with the programme, keeping track of engineering, providing assistance with acceptance of the finished work, etc.
  • assignments are also undertaken after operational start-up, covering as wide a range of fields as amicable appraisal, audit, consulting, diagnosis and, of course, management assistance.

SILES has been in charge of major client assistance assignments on operations such as the Normandy Aquarium at La Rivière Saint-Sauveur, the Nouvel Aquarium du Trocadéro (Paris), the Museum of the Sea at Biarritz, the Andalusian Sea Centre at Chipiona, le Grand Aquarium d’Île de France, the Scientific Centre in Kowait City, the Jeddah Aquarium in Saudi Arabia, the conversion of Théâtre Récamier in Paris, the Vincennes Zoo (Bouygues), as well as the Atomic Energy Commissariat, DCNS, The French Defence Infrastructure Department and for a great number of private customers and owners.