Life support system, water treatment

To SILES, in the realm of equipment for aquatic use, whether in fresh or sea water aquariums, swimming pools, ponds, aquatic centres, fountains, waterfalls or water parks, water treatment is at the very core of the installation.
That is what guarantees on the one hand the biological balance and sustainability of aquatic life, and on the other, the health and hygiene of swimming water, or sometimes even the aesthetics of a display.
SILES handles the total concept of its installations, whether these are for sea water, fresh water, swimming pools or water parks by implementing top-of-the-range industrial materials to implement flow rates by pressure or the decantation process of up to several hundred sq. m/h, such as

  • mechanical filtration,
  • biological filtration,
  • sterilisation (ultraviolet, ozone, chloride, bromine, electrolysis etc).
  • denitritation,
  • the manufacture of artificial seawater,
  • osmosis,
  • etc.

The SILES assembly team also operates, in France and abroad, as an installer of systems and equipment devised by specialist design offices, and handles the manufacture of all types of tanks, tarpaulins and holding or treatment materials in moulded plastic.